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AI Pioneer

by Harvey Castro | ER Physician, Entrepreneur, CEO, AI Expert, Author

Radical Change

by Jonathan Brill | Futurist, Author, Silicon Valley Legend

Health Innovation

by Indu Subaiya, MD, MBA | Co-Founder of Health 2.0, Catalyst


by George Russell | Founder, Machinery Advisors Consortium

Rocket Science

by Ioana Cozmuta, PhD | NASA Scientist, Innovator, CEO of G-Space

Virtual Physician

by Matt Sakumoto | Physician, Innovator, CMIO, Clinical informaticist

A Digital Twin

by James Litjens | Head of Emerging Technologies, Entrepreneur


by Noelle Chow | User Experience Researcher, Zillennial

Human Potential

by Scott Bolland, PhD | Cognitive Scientist, Educator, Coach

Future Nursing

by Dan Weberg, PhD, RN | Professor, Author, Nursing Innovator

A New Moral Age

by K D Adamson | Futurist, Ecocentrist, Author, Filmmaker

Digital Health

by Matthew Holt | Digital Health Pioneer, Co-Founder of Health 2.0

Change Agents

by Uli Chettipally, MD | Innovator, Founder of InnovatorMD

3D Bioprinting

by Jenny Chen, MD | Neuroradiologist, Founder of 3DHEALS

Healthcare Tech

by Alan Pitt, MD | Professor, Chief Medical Officer of CloudMedx

Responsible AI

by Holger Hoos, PhD | Professor of AI & Computer Science

Frugal Innovation

by Anil Gupta, PhD | Professor, Founder of Honey Bee Network


by Benjamin Pring | Futurist, Author, Gartner Thought Leader

Design Thinking

by Bill Burnett | Professor, Pioneer, Author of Designing Your Life

New Medicine

by Lyle Berkowitz, MD | Professor, Informaticist, Entrepreneur

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