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What will our personal lives look like in the future? How will technology affect our children and grandchildren? Are we prepared?

LIFE 2.0 hosts a wide spectrum of thought leaders and visionaries who discuss the most impactful tech trends of today and tomorrow.

K D Adamson

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AI Pioneer

Things we don’t think AI can do, it will do.

Emergency  physician, entrepreneur, CEO, TV personality, and author Harvey Castro discusses the impact, benefits, and risks of AI in healthcare. (48 min)

AI Pioneer

by Harvey Castro | Episode 20 (47:40)

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Virtual Physician

by Matt Sakumoto | Physician, Innovator, CMIO, Clinical Informaticist

A New Moral Age

by K D Adamson | Author, Speaker, Filmmaker, & Top Female Futurist

Responsible AI

by Holger Hoos, PhD | Professor of AI & Computer Science

Radical Change

by Jonathan Brill | Futurist, Author, Silicon Valley Legend


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