May 8, 2020

Episode 4: Rocket Science

Ioana Cozmuta

The shift from government-owned to government as customer… really brought down the price per pound to orbit.

Rocket Science

by Ioana Cozmuta | Episode 4 (40:31)



Ioana Cozmuta, PhD is the Managing Partner of Gravity Free Consulting and CEO of G-Space Inc., two small, women-owned businesses. These two portfolio companies are a reflection of Dr. Cozmuta’s driving passions: (1) to discover new revenue opportunities and help accelerate the time to market of New Space ventures; and (2) to discover new materials by liberating the potential design space from the limiting effects of gravitational force.

Dr. Cozmuta’s work at the confluence of Space and Earth is based on a 19-year career in academia, at NASA, and in the startup world uniquely combining expertise in physics, computational chemistry, materials research, data science, and space technology with business and entrepreneurship. From her early work in nanotechnology research to engineering projects for missions like Hypersonics, Stardust, Mars Science Laboratory, Orion, and commercialization of the International Space Station, Dr. Cozmuta has built a legacy of transforming the status quo, opening new avenues for innovation, and devoting her energy, enthusiasm, and collaborative spirit to advancing the new space entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Dr. Cozmuta holds a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. She is a former postdoctoral scholar in the Material and Simulation Center at the California Institute of Technology and an alumna of Stanford University where she was a postdoc in the Genome Technology Center.


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