August 6, 2020

Episode 7: Human Potential

Scott Bolland

Exponential technologies like generative AI can be scary for many people.

Human Potential

by Scott Bolland | Episode 7 (47:47)



Scott Bolland, PhD is an executive coach, international speaker, facilitator, and futurist. His PhD and background (of 25 years) are in the area of cognitive science – the scientific study of how the mind works, spanning areas such as psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and artificial intelligence. His expertise and interests fall into two main areas – HOW to teach and WHAT to teach, in order to optimize human potential.

Regarding HOW to teach, Scott’s company New Dawn Technologies ( utilizes artificial intelligence to help personalize education, in order to improve student engagement and learning outcomes.

Regarding WHAT to teach, Scott’s main focus is in the field of positive psychology (the science of human flourishing), and he has brought the latest research-backed insights to a diverse range of clients from MBA students through to the military, police services, resource companies, education providers, and financial institutions. With his company Aha Entertainment (, accompanied by a 10-piece band, he has delivered large-scale positive psychology-based events to 1,000s of school and corporate staff, utilizing a compelling mix of experiential learning activities and live music as a way to “challenge the mind and inspire the soul.”

Scott believes the future of education lies in the synergy between these areas – the more effective use of technology to better personalize education mixed with a greater emphasis on the teaching of soft-skill competencies (such as resilience, empathy, teamwork, and creativity) that are highly correlated with performance, health, and general life satisfaction.


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