December 7, 2020

Episode 8: Agritech

George Russell

Globally, there is a disconnect between where the best soils are for farming, and where there are the most mouths to feed.



An 8th generation Vermont farm boy, Harvard graduate, and farm equipment executive, George Russell has worked 24 years for equipment manufacturers, including several international stints.

George’s interest in agricultural technology began on the farm. With the advent of personal computers, he started a company that sold technology and services directly to farmers. Later, as product marketer for a leading manufacturer, he introduced yield monitors and GPS receivers into large combine harvesters, an innovation that enabled modern precision farming.

Since 2007, George has advised farm and construction equipment dealers and their customers on improving productivity, first as Executive Partner at Currie Management Consultants (, then in 2015 as founder of Machinery Advisors Consortium (MAC) ( The MAC website offers over 80 articles, such as: “Are You Ready for the 2nd Machine Age? What is the connection among Nebraska Tractor Tests, Moore’s Law, and the second half of the chess board?”

Today, George speaks at many industry events such as Dealership Minds Summit, Precision Farming Summit, and The Big Dealer Report, an annual webinar on dealership consolidation.


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