April 24, 2021

Episode 11: Zillennials

Noelle Chow

There is a huge sense of uncertainty in my generation.


by Noelle Chow | Episode 11 (41:36)



Noelle Chow graduated from college in 2020 in the midst of an unprecedented global pandemic. In this podcast interview, she gives us honest insights into how her generation views the future. Noelle talks about coping with remote education, social isolation, angst, pros and cons of social media, privacy, culture, mental health, and finding one’s way in life after college.

Noelle is particularly intrigued by the intersection between technology and culture, especially as a young person living in an increasingly digital world. As a user experience researcher, she peeks at the future through the lenses of both someone who professionally researches the behavior of people with tech, and as a young person who was born between the Millennials and Gen Z’ers.


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