March 28, 2022

Episode 14: Digital Health

Matthew Holt

You meet entrepreneurs who are on their sixth iteration and you wonder, should they have pivoted?

Digital Health

by Matthew Holt | Episode 14 (46:21)



Matthew Holt is best known as the founder of The Health Care Blog, with 50,000 views a month, and co-founder with Dr. Indu Subaiya of the immensely popular global Health 2.0 conference, one of the first to focus on digital health. Now he runs the advisory service for health tech startups, stars with Jess DaMassa in the weekly show Health Tech Deals, and puts on the What’s Next for Health Care conference.

Mr. Holt graduated from Cambridge University in the UK with his Bachelor’s in Social Policy & Society, followed by a Master’s in Health Services Research at Stanford. During his career, he has spent nearly 30 years in healthcare and healthcare IT as a generalist forecaster and strategist, having worked for renowned think tanks like Institute for the Future. At Harris Interactive, Mr. Holt conducted two groundbreaking survey research studies, Computing in the Physician’s Practice and The 10,000 Patients Study. Before returning to the consulting life, Mr. Holt was vice president for strategy and business development at, an eHealth software company.

Mr. Holt has delivered keynote addresses all over the world and is on the board of the Society for Participatory Medicine, whose mission is to help patients engage in their healthcare.


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