July 03, 2023

Episode 18: A New Moral Age

K D Adamson

‘Free’ has fundamentally warped human understanding of value.

KD Adamson

A New Moral Age

by K D Adamson | Episode 18 (54:20)



Leading visionary and ecocentrist K D Adamson argues that the most important relationship we have is with the future, and the future is stuck in the past. This is particularly on point as her undergraduate focus was on history.

Based in the UK, she is an accomplished advisor, keynote presenter, TV host, author, and filmmaker whose high-energy talks have been likened to TED talks on steroids. She speaks with fresh insights on new digital paradigms, business value creation, societal movements good and bad, and moral imperatives. In other words, she makes people think.

Considered the top female futurist in the world, K D Adamson is an authority on the sustainable transformation of organizations, environmental, social, and corporate governance or ESG, the changing face of modern leadership, and the blue, green, and circular economies.

Her stellar client list is a who’s who of major global brands in consumer electronics, media, advertising, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, and shipping; as well as multi-nationals, governments, NGOs, and nonprofits. Her books include Shipping and the 800-lb Gorilla and Payload, a suspense novel, while she has several film projects pending, including Nobleization and The Future You Ordered Is Out Of Stock. www.kdadamson.com


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