March 08, 2024

Episode 19: Virtual Physician

Matt Sakumoto

I had a front-row seat to the massive boom that was telehealth.

K D Adamson

Virtual Physician

by Matt Sakumoto | Episode 19 (42:53)



Matt Sakumoto MD is a primary care physician in San Francisco who specializes in virtual care. He also completed a fellowship in clinical informatics at UC San Francisco, with a focus on virtual care and clinician efficiency tools for the electronic health record or EHR. In his role as a regional CMIO for Sutter Health in the East Bay, and as a clinician-advisor to many early-stage health tech companies (Clearstep, Nabla, Oncoustics, Carbon Health, Rocket Doctor), he is passionate about exploring and implementing effective and evidence-based AI into clinical workflows, while maintaining digital empathy to better connect with patients and care partners.


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