April 22, 2024

Episode 20: AI Pioneer

Harvey Castro

Things we don’t think AI can do, it will do.

AI Pioneer

by Harvey Castro | Episode 20 (47:40)



Harvey Castro, MD, MBA is a remarkable individual who grew up with a single teenage mother in New York City to eventually become a renowned physician, entrepreneur, and CEO of a health system. His journey exemplifies the power of determination and innovation. With over twenty years of experience, Dr. Castro leads eight free-standing emergency rooms, a medical billing company, and a physician staffing firm. He also serves as a strategic advisor for ChatGPT in healthcare, where he plays a pivotal role in integrating artificial intelligence into the medical field. Dr. Castro has developed over 30 iPhone apps and is a frequent presence on live TV, sharing his expertise in both English and Spanish. A proud alumnus of University of Texas Medical Branch and Texas A&M, and a current resident of Dallas, Dr. Castro is not only a dedicated medical professional but also an author with seven books on Amazon, a compelling public speaker, and an educator teaching on AI in healthcare at harveycastromd.info. His vision and efforts are directed toward harnessing AI’s potential to foster a healthier, more intelligent world.


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